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S2E6: Homo Sapiens – User’s Manual

Last updated on 2023-02-22

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Espiritualidad y Ciencia
Espiritualidad y Ciencia
S2E6: Homo Sapiens - User's Manual

In the first season of this podcast, in the episode The Experience of Reality – One Brain Many Selves, I posited that the human brain is like a computer, or rather a network of computers, and that the mind would be comparable to the operating system of those computers. It is a valid analogy from the point of view of biology because our consciousness is a phenomenon that emerges from the interaction of trillions of cells in our body, in the same way that software emerges from the interaction of billions of transistors in a computer.

Well, a while ago, while walking through a beautiful garden near my house, I thought that it would be very useful if human beings were given a user’s manual when we are born. Then we could avoid years of suffering and conflict to solve problems that we sometimes find we could have solved very easily had we had the proper knowledge of our mind and body.

We know this still wouldn’t help much because as humans, we are stubborn and prone to learn only after we have made many mistakes and tried many of the things we later know we don’t want to have in our lives. However, I thought it was fun to have a user’s manual for our biological vehicle so I decided to write it and today I am sharing it with you.

This is the Homo Sapiens user manual:

Dear user:

We appreciate your purchase of your Homo Sapiens model spirit vehicle. We have spent the last 3.5 billion years developing the technology with which we have designed and produced your Homini body. The Sapiens Sapiens system you have received is our latest model, only 200,000 years old since its release, and features the most advanced bipedal mobility technology, 10 fingers on the hands for the most precise manipulation of objects, vision, taste and smell with the standard specifications of the mammalian class and a powerful three-layer brain, equipped with the revolutionary neocortex that will allow you a level of abstraction, communication and information processing never before achieved by a living organism.


  • The equipment built for you, is a very technologically advanced machinery, equipped with numerous safety measures, protections and self-preservation systems that are not explained in this manual but that will be activated automatically in case of emergency. Some of these systems may cause feelings of loneliness, distress, sadness, desolation or anxiety. Please do not despair, this is part of the automatic healing process. While the central system is restoring please surround yourself with people who love you, nourish your body with balanced natural food, recharge your system with sufficient periods of sleep, take your body to sunny places with lots of nature and practice the breathing exercises listed in the Appendix of this Manual.
  • Being based on Primate architecture, which evolved as prey within the food chain, your Sapiens system is set up to fear and detect dangers everywhere and, therefore, you will notice that the FEAR alarm is triggered on many occasions without any justification. We think that when it comes to risks that endanger the integrity of your Homini body, it is better to be safe than sorry. The FEAR alarm will generate many false alarms and sometimes prevent you from performing your daily tasks. If you notice that your system crashes too often because of non-existent fears, please take your system to a Spirituality or mental health expert and ask for assistance in setting your fears to a level appropriate for your normal environment and workload.
  • The powerful BRAIN Sapiens processor is designed to run virtual reality and augmented reality applications so realistic that the user will tend to mistake them for physical reality. This virtual reality creation capability will be available from the first years of using your Sapiens system. To learn how to operate it properly, we recommend that you devote sufficient time during your first years of use, running creative PLAY routines. However, if at any time you find it difficult to distinguish between virtual reality programs from your physical reality, please download the MEDITATION application and run it daily until the memory of your Sapiens system becomes free of these programs and you can run and close them at will.


Our company is a pioneer in the Solar System and one of the few in the galaxy to develop corporeal vehicles for cosmic consciousness. For the last 4 million years we have been manufacturing the Homo vehicle, using the “Natural Selection” technology that adds functions and innovates on existing systems to achieve the demanding quality levels of our products.

This innovation process has created new systems that our previous Hominid, Primate, Mammal and Vertebrate models did not have. However, some of the systems from those models that are still useful for modern users and use cases have been adapted, but remain at the same level of traditional effectiveness.

Because of this, we ask the user to keep in mind that, along with the sophisticated functions of the new brain neocortex, some functions of the earlier models coexist. Among them are the programs of aggression, dominance, territoriality and tendency to form hierarchies.

These programs do not have the advanced interface of recent programs and therefore the user may think that they are viruses or other types of malware, but we assure you that, with a little training and practice, you will find these applications very useful for your work on planet Earth.

During the process of designing the most advanced body vehicle, our company studied different species to develop Sapiens. Preliminary designs were made with high-performance species such as giant reptiles, birds of prey and powerful felines, but none of these species showed the versatility, resilience and ingenuity of primates, so, despite their many vulnerabilities and competitive disadvantages, we felt they would be the best platform for creating Sapiens.

With your Homini body you have a precise object manipulation tool, an organism capable of feeding on virtually anything, and the most resilient locomotion system of all mammals. However, the most advanced functionality you will enjoy is the Mind operating system running on your advanced brain.

Mind is a multitasking system specialized in sensory abstraction, verbal communication, social interaction, creativity, and short- and long-term prediction. We have equipped your Mind with approximately 74 Terabytes of brain cortex memory, although for reasons of synaptic optimization, much of the memory will not be accessible to you in conscious mode, but only through subconscious and unconscious routines. Keep in mind that for your memory to function properly, you must shut down the system daily for 6 to 8 hours so that the Sleep application can process, organize and optimize the memories stored during the day.

Your Mind operating system has two modes of operation: I experiencer and I storyteller[1]. Experiencer mode is the default operating mode of your Mente. In this mode you will be able to make use of the Consciousness system, which will allow the abstraction of time, space and subjective experience. Additionally, the experiencer mode will allow you to run all the applications installed on your system, access your memory archive, control your Homini body and communicate with other Homo Sapiens systems when you need it.

The storytelling mode is an automated mode of operation that runs constantly on the system, which will process all your experiences, memories and contexts to build stories or narratives that make sense of the data received by your senses and the experiences your system undergoes in the Experiencer mode. With the advanced proprietary technology of your Sapiens Mind, we ensure that your human life experience will always be a coherent story from beginning to end. Thus, when random, contradictory or incomprehensible events occur, your narrator self will take care of shaping and structuring the experienced events to eliminate inconsistencies and blanks.

WARNING: At times, the narrator mode of your system will create, modify or eliminate memories that do not fit your internal narrative and eventually adopt fictitious belief systems to facilitate the construction of satisfactory narratives. Therefore, we advise you to cultivate skepticism and install the Science application, which will allow you to methodically confirm the stories your mind creates in storytelling mode[2].


Your new Sapiens system is an advanced machine that will require several years to reach its optimal level of functioning. During this period, you will need the assistance of other spirits in human form to carry you around, feed you, clean you, and keep you safe from harm until your Homini body is fully developed and able to function without outside help.

We have pre-installed in your Mind the Instincts suite, which contains fundamental applications for the functioning of your system. These applications cannot be uninstalled as they are recorded directly in the inner layers of the brain and not using them may result in a partial or total failure of your Sapiens system. Some of the applications in the Instincts suite are: Breathing, Hunger, Thirst, Sleep, Excretion, Fight, Flight, Socialization, Purpose, Sexual Desire and Parenting. Some users believe that the last two applications are activated upon reaching adulthood of your Homini body, but in reality you will notice that they are active and in perfect working order from the first day of operation.

WARNING: We reiterate that the Instincts suite applications cannot be uninstalled, so be sure to keep them in good working order. Many users have reported that the Instinct applications have gotten out of control and led them to excesses such as gluttony, laziness, anger or lust and have gone so far as to label our applications as viruses or demons.

Some users have tried to get rid of their instincts by using third-party applications such as Religion, Law, Guilt, Scorn or Punishment. Most of these applications are malware and will not only fail to remove system applications, but will most likely damage your operating system. Getting rid of these malicious applications could require a lot of time and effort, and that is why we recommend:

  • Attend to the recommendations we present in this manual.
  • Execute from an early age the processes Self-control, Self-love, Discipline and learn to postpone immediate satisfaction in favor of long-term lasting satisfaction.
  • Install and run applications from the Spirituality category, which focus on living in the present moment, observing one’s actions and accepting reality to keep your Mind operating system in good shape and prevent the spread of malicious applications on your system.

In addition to providing nourishment and protection during the fragile early years of your system, you will need your Sapiens caretakers to establish a LOVE-like connection with you. For at least 7 years, your system will require, in addition to food and care, caresses, cuddles, words of affection and motivation for the installation of your Mente operating system to be completed successfully. If you do not receive the necessary connection of LOVE during your first years, your Sapiens system will present serious inconsistencies or even systemic failures in the future that will represent a risk for you and other Sapiens systems around you.

Keep in mind that, during the infancy years, your Sapiens system will be finishing the installation of the operating system on which all applications will be installed and all processes of your human life will run. Therefore, all the experiences you live during that time will have a great impact on the performance of your system for the rest of your life.

We have selected the best materials and the most advanced design that our Natural Selection technology allows, but the performance of your Sapiens machine will depend largely on the programming and handling that your human caregivers give it. We are aware that they will make many mistakes during their training phase and, therefore, both your assigned Father and Mother will be responsible for much of the operational difficulties your Sapiens system will suffer in the future.

This is a normal part of the human experience and an inevitable consequence of the intervention of other cosmic beings in the process of learning. However, we have found that interacting with Sapiens Parents is a powerful tool for your spiritual evolution and the development of the human species in general. Our recommendation is that, as you reach adulthood, if possible spend a good amount of time getting to know your Parents, discussing the positive and negative experiences of your upbringing and healing any emotional wounds from your childhood years. This will improve the performance of your Mind and the quality of your human experience on Earth. It will also help you to be a better parent, should you be assigned to care for a child Homo Sapiens.

During your childhood years, we recommend that you often run applications from the GAMES category as much as possible. In fact, that is the training program of your Sapiens system. Mankind has created a huge catalog of games that are available to you at no cost and you will certainly find yourself creating your own games in no time.

These games will serve to train your Homo Sapiens system and many of the areas of your Mind operating system. Your parents will do well to observe your games as they will reveal your skills, interests and talents.

The INFANCY training period will end around 13 years of age when the ADOLESCENCE period begins, in which the preparation of the system for autonomous functioning will take place. During ADOLESCENCE we will be installing new applications and operating system updates on your system. While this process is being completed, you will experience sudden mood swings, generalized feelings of discomfort and occasional unexplained events of anger or sadness. Please be patient and take the opportunity to experiment with new types of applications and functions of your Sapiens body that you will find fascinating.


Your Mind operating system allows you to choose from a catalog of millions of applications that can be downloaded from the Humanity network. Most of these applications are free, but you will find many that have a cost, either financially or in physical or mental effort. These applications can be found in schools, universities, academies, gyms and other training centers, but can also be easily transferred from other Sapiens.

WARNING: Just as your Homini body can be infected by viruses and bacteria from other biological beings, your Sapiens mind can also be subject to attack through malicious applications and mental viruses. Some of these applications such as conspiracy theories, superstitious beliefs and other deceptions may conflict with your learning system and peace of mind. However, the biggest risk you should be aware of is infection with mental viruses installed by religious sects, extremist political organizations and manipulative humans.

These nefarious agents will take advantage of vulnerabilities in your system such as insecurity, lack of self-love, gullibility, dependency, pathological fears or lack of character. Their modus operandi is to inject the virus as a Trojan horse, disguised as acceptance into a group, a cure for an illness, help in solving problems or promises of power and wealth.

Once the virus has been installed in your Mind, the attacker will exploit your vulnerabilities, create a dependency on it and gradually undermine your autonomy and self-confidence until you can no longer act or think without consulting the manipulator. At that point, the attacker will take control of his human experience and manipulate him for his personal benefit or that of his group.

These attacks are unfortunately frequent. Removing such viruses is a very difficult task and usually leaves lifelong sequelae. Therefore, please follow these recommendations:

  • Strengthen your system with LOVE, EDUCATION and DISCIPLINE. These are not applications but comprehensive protocols involving all your systems and subsystems.
  • Install in your system applications from the categories SCIENCE and SPIRITUALITY. These applications function as an antivirus and once installed, they will objectively observe, analyze and reject attempts to attack your Mind. Remember to keep these applications up to date as attackers develop increasingly subtle and aggressive deception techniques that can infiltrate your system.
  • Do not disclose vulnerabilities in your system with unknown persons. Posting your moods, fears or emotional yearnings on social networks or with people you don’t trust can result in malicious agents infecting your system with mind-manipulating malware.
  • Maintain broadband connections with other Sapiens Spiritual Beings, using the LOVE protocol to take care of each other. Malicious agents avoid attacking Sapiens systems that are strongly connected to LOVE-like networks.


When you feel comfortable operating the applications pre-installed on the system and those you may have found on the Humanity network, you can venture into the more advanced options of your Sapiens mind: System programming.

The CREATIVITY protocol trained during your childhood by creating GAME applications will be very useful during your adulthood. You will still be able to create games if you wish, but you can also create your own applications for communication, abstraction, socialization or emotion[3]. Most Homo Sapiens use this ability to create new ways to make money, but some have created new social systems, new technologies and programs in philosophy, science, politics, religion, spirituality and many other categories.

What only advanced users know is that the Sapiens application creation platform also allows you to reprogram the operating system itself and change the way it processes the perception of reality. What the user perceives as reality is actually an internal projection based on the information registered by the senses of his Homini body, the accumulation of knowledge and beliefs stored in his memory and the stories created by his system in storytelling mode.

Understanding the architecture of the system and with the proper training, the user will be able to modify the interpreter of the reality of his brain and in this way, transform into positive, profitable or opportunity for improvement, sensations and thoughts that previously could be interpreted as misfortune or something negative.

WARNING: Be warned that changing the perception of reality does not mean changing reality. When using the reprogramming functionality of your operating system, you should be careful not to activate your Mind’s virtual reality system and lose touch with reality.


We have invested millions of years in developing the best biological existence system of cosmic consciousness. Despite this, the complex nature of the 3D space-time reality that we inhabit will inevitably, at times in the user’s life, cause situations of pain, uncertainty and despair to arise.

This is not to say that the destiny of consciousness on its journey through linear time is one of inevitable suffering. Below, you will find some tips for using your Homo Sapiens system that will allow you to improve your human experience and achieve a successful ascent in the spiral of Universal consciousness:

  1. Never forget that you are a cosmic consciousness, coming from the Universal consciousness living a human experience in the physical world.
  2. Live in the present moment. Memories are for learning and the future is for planning, but both must be executed in the present in the form of action.
  3. Whenever anger or sadness is about to take control of your actions, stop and take 10 deep breaths. The next action you take will come from your Divine Self.
  4. If there are two possible explanations for an action by someone you love, always choose the less negative one. You will be wrong sometimes, but much less often than if you choose the opposite.
  5. Accept yourself totally. This does not mean resigning yourself to what could be improved. It means knowing yourself objectively and recognizing yourself with love.
  6. Recognize your inner evil: If you observe with courage, you will be able to see in yourself all that is despicable in humanity. Then you will be able to help free the world from suffering, taking responsibility for your own darkness.
  7. Recognize your inner wisdom: If you listen attentively, you will be able to interpret what divinity wants to express from within. Silence, attentive observation and meditation are good tools to connect with that infinite source.
  8. Take responsibility for your own happiness. Even if your suffering has been motivated by someone else or external circumstances, only you can find the path that will bring balance to your Being.
  9. Be implacable against lying. Self-deception, deception as a way to achieve your goals, and being around people who lie on a daily basis are inexorable paths to suffering.
  10. Do not take life too seriously, humor is the best tool to transform the dense part of reality. Smile is the mark of the warriors of the Spirit.




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